Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Priceless conversations!

Just the other day I was driving down the road, just me and the kids..  When all at once Luke and Addison started talking about heaven.   I listened in on the conversation..  It is times like this that I wished I had a tape recorder.... I am not sure of what started the conversation. But I do know the more I listened the more I wanted to shout.  I was full of Joy..  They were talking about Heaven.. Addison was talking about being saved. So Luke ask if he was saved..Addison then tells him that he is not but the Lord understands and that he will still go to heaven because he is little.  She told him that one day he would get saved.  He then started asking her more questions. And here are some of the things I heard.  Addison said if you fall down in heaven then you want get hurt because the streets are gold.  And then she had to tell him that she will have a white horse in heave. She always talks about that..So Luke ask if the horse could do back flips.. And she said sure you can do anything in heaven.  Then Addison told him that Jesus Has lock the door to all evil there. It just made  my heart full of joy that my kids can talk and know about the Wonderful God we serve and about heaven!!               

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I was reading Luke 17 today about how the Lepers were healed and only one said thanks!!! I got to thinking.. I sometimes get so busy in life that I forget to tell the Lord thanks for all the stuff he does for me.. Year after year, month after month and week after week..

I want to Thank Him for always providing my needs!! Even when I can not see a clear picture up ahead I know he has something for me. I am Blessed!!!! I have a wonderful Husband wonderful and Healthy kids. A great family.. And Great Friends.. The list goes on and on and on!! He has made things happen in my life that I thought would never happen.. Wow how thankful I am! But I wonder did I say thanks? Or did I get to busy??? I Thank you Lord!!!!

I am so Thankful for my kids talking about Jesus! It just brings joy to my ears! "A" Has always been so open about loving the Lord! And she will tell people about it.. Last night "L" found a bible that some dear friends had bought him when he was born. He was sitting on the chair and in the bed and in the car acting like he was reading it.. It brought joy to me.. I I hope and pray that he will keep that book close to him at all times.. Because it is the best book he will ever read!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starting some new post.

Ok. so I am slack with posting.. But I am going to start a new.. I hope to keep up with more post as days go by.. We will see..

So whats new in our life?? Not much of anything. "A" is doing well in 2nd grade and wow at the homework.. I am so glad that I am not in school! Because sometime I think that I am NOT SMARTER than a 2nd grader.. Haha... "L" is growing up way to fast he is loving his 3 year class at preschool and they tell me he is good??? That is so funny.. not that he is bad but he is just a child that is on his on time and his on free will!!! The teacher told me the other day that I had her worried before he started because we thought that he would cry a lot.. But thank the Lord so far so good...

On a different note.. I am still amazed at the fact that kids pick up on things so fast! "A" was talking about a girl at her school that is mean.. Wow that starts way to early!! She said to me "mom she is pretty on the outside but no so much on the inside." Wow how sad is that at the age of 7 some one is acting that way.. But then I got to thinking.. How do we act towards other people? I told "A" that some people are like that in life. We just have to pray had for them. And we have to pay that we are not like that. We need to pray that people see Jesus in us.. One of my thankful things this month is the fact that I have two kids that I have been sooo blessed with.. But I pray so hard that when they think of there mother that they see Jesus in me. I thought of Matthew 5:14 . "Ye are the light of the world..... We are the Light..

I thought my Sunday school class on Sunday this verse. And I started out by asking them Are you doing something little that could really be something big???

In the Word it talks about us being the Light. Are we being the Light? The Light in someones dark day could be just a Hello, or a text and phone call a card, or a smile!! The little things in life could be big to someone in a dark world.. I pray that I am doing the little things....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who I am in Christ!

Sometimes it is so easy to get down and out.. Life gets busy, friends let you down, money is tight, and you slide down the rope of life and when you get so far down you fill as if you are beat up and you are alone.. Have you ever been there??

Sometimes I have times where I am on this rope of life and I feel as if it is going to break.. But as I was studying the other day I came across an old Sunday school lesson and it was the Lord just reminding me that when the world beats you up remember that You are something In Him....

1} A Child of God ....Romans 8:16

2} Saved by Grace Through Faith. Eph 2:8

3} Redeemed from the hand of the enemy..Ps 107:2

4} Forgiven...Eph 1:7

5} A new creature...2 Cor 5:17

6}Kept in Safety..Isaiah 46:4

7} Strong in the Lord..Eph 6:10

8} More than a Conqueror..Rom 8:37

He Reminds me that when I apply all this to my life than I Know that I am Loved, Wanted , A Conqueror, Saved from my enemy, Strong, Healed, and Forgiven...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time and Change....

Wow.. It has been for ever since I have been on here! Time Gets away soooo fast!!!!! Where does time go???? I have so many pictures and things that I need to post of the fun summer we have had.. So I hope I can get them up soon.. But this has been our summer in a nut shell.. I am working 3 days a week at L's preschool. I have been taking A to swim lessons and she has also had to get some time in with a little friend from school.. Kids keep you busy, but on the joy I have of watching my kids grow and change in the fast time that they do..

We had a BIG break through with my little "L" and can I say BIG one more time... He is using the potty now... he was 3 in April and would not talk about it or have nothing to do with it! When I would ask him about doing it, he would say when I am 4 or some day's it would be when I am 21,,,Really... Be he is so strong willed and set in his ways that I was starting to believe him... But then on day he seen that light.. And has done wonderful with going to the potty!!!! He also has learned how to pray out loud.. And oh the joy that brings to my soul!! He is proud to pray when he is ask...

As far as "A" goes. she is growing up to fast! She is still full of live and is going in the 2nd grade.. wow... It breaks my heart to see them grow..She has loved swimming this summer.. Ever chance she gets she is in the pool or any body of water,,,the Lake (YUCK) the OCEAN (DOUBLE YUCK) I do not like to swim where you can not see what is under you feet.... I see her growing into a beautiful young child.. And I pray daily that she will always walk close to the Lord.. At night when I pray with her I pray that she always puts the Lord 1st in her life.. One night after we were done she said.. "Mom, I am saved.. and you always pray that I put the Lord 1st in my life.. She said what do you mean? " Do you mean that you always want me to stay close to him" YES!! that is what I mean.. He is so good.. I hope she gets that at an early age so that she can learn to depend on him in all parts of her life!!!

And then there is CHANGE I don't know what the Lord is doing in my life.. Do you ever feel that way? You feel that you are going through some changes but you can not put your finger on them. Not saying it is a bad thing... I get to a point to where i am ready to see what the Lord is doing in my life but then he reminds me to just BE STILL!!! Wow how hard is that sometimes...
I was reminded this year at the beach how powerful and wonderful the Lord is.. As I was sitting there on the beach.. I was just amazed to look and know that he made it all. He made the water and the sand and animals and has a reason for them all. And then I was reminded that he made Me.... And he Loves me soo much.. Even when I am unworthy of being Loved he still loves me....

The Lord is good,

Friday, June 10, 2011

It has been a while!

It has been a while since I posted, I have not forgotten about my blog. It is just that sometime Time gets the best of us.. With that being said, all has be going well. Just Busy, Busy , Busy... So many thing to post.. So I am going to have to play catch up with some pictures.. I hope to post soon... But As of right now. Today is the Last day of my Daughters 1st grade year!!! Wow, someone once told me to hang on because when they started school time would fly.. And boy it has...

"A" has had a wonderful 1st grade year. We have watched her grow and learn with leaps and bounds. I am so proud of her. She was placed in the highest reading group in her class. (for those that know me she gets that reading from her mom..Haha...) She was always ready to go to school each morning.. She has a very special personality. At awards day her teacher said that she needed an award for humor. She said if they ever needed a laugh that they could count on "A" to bring it to the class. I love sitting back and watching her in a crowd. She never meets a stranger and she is bold to try new things. I love that in her. And I hope she stays strong in that area.. As I am reminded in scripture it says that "We are fearfully and wonderfully made". I stress that to "A" all the time. Because I see just how special the Lord made her with her free spirit. She Love life and Loves the Lord.. And she will not mind telling you about the Lord.. I pray that she keeps that in life!!!!!!

I am a proud mom.. She has gone from this to...............This... Slow down time!!!!