Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Priceless conversations!

Just the other day I was driving down the road, just me and the kids..  When all at once Luke and Addison started talking about heaven.   I listened in on the conversation..  It is times like this that I wished I had a tape recorder.... I am not sure of what started the conversation. But I do know the more I listened the more I wanted to shout.  I was full of Joy..  They were talking about Heaven.. Addison was talking about being saved. So Luke ask if he was saved..Addison then tells him that he is not but the Lord understands and that he will still go to heaven because he is little.  She told him that one day he would get saved.  He then started asking her more questions. And here are some of the things I heard.  Addison said if you fall down in heaven then you want get hurt because the streets are gold.  And then she had to tell him that she will have a white horse in heave. She always talks about that..So Luke ask if the horse could do back flips.. And she said sure you can do anything in heaven.  Then Addison told him that Jesus Has lock the door to all evil there. It just made  my heart full of joy that my kids can talk and know about the Wonderful God we serve and about heaven!!               

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